3 game-changing defensive line targets for Broncos in the 2024 NFL Draft

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The Denver Broncos are gearing up for the 2024 NFL Draft with the intention of boosting their interior defensive line.

While the likelihood of selecting an interior defender in the first round is low, there are promising prospects in later rounds to consider due to the depth at this position in the draft class.

Although only one player merits a first-round selection, there is potential in the subsequent rounds to find impactful talent for the Broncos’ defensive line.

Outlined below are three prospects that could strengthen the Broncos’ interior defensive line.

Byron Murphy II emerges as a top choice for the first round, poised to make an immediate impact and elevate the defensive front for Denver.

Notably, players with Murphy’s caliber as a three-technique are rare, making his addition crucial for the Broncos’ defensive scheme.

Three-techniques hold significant value in defensive strategy, solidifying why Murphy is a standout prospect in this draft.

With his explosive plays, versatility, and impactful presence on all downs, Murphy is positioned as a game-changer for the Broncos’ defense.

Despite certain physical limitations, Murphy’s skills and contributions make him an ideal selection to bolster Denver’s defense in the upcoming season.

His proficiency in both run defense and pass rush further accentuate his value as a pivotal asset for the Broncos.

Selecting Murphy in the first round would mark a strategic and impactful move that could significantly enhance Denver’s defensive capabilities.

Another promising prospect, Leonard Taylor III from the University of Miami, presents a valuable opportunity for the Broncos in the draft.

Taylor’s skill set and performance on the field indicate his potential to be a game-changer, despite recent fluctuations in draft predictions.

Known for his explosive first step and adept pass-rushing techniques, Taylor’s capabilities make him a prospect with long-term impact potential.

Taylor’s proficiency in blocking disruption and adaptability to varied defensive schemes position him as a valuable addition to any team that secures him in the draft.

Highlighted by impressive stats in pass rush and run defense, Taylor’s track record substantiates his potential as a top-tier player in the NFL.

The third prospect, Maason Smith from Louisiana State University, brings a unique skill set and physical attributes to the Broncos’ radar.

Despite concerns over past injuries, Smith’s recent performances showcase his potential to make a significant impact in the league.

With impressive physical attributes and dominant play style, Smith’s versatility and consistent performance mark him as a valuable addition to the Broncos’ defensive line.

His success in pass rush situations and ability to disrupt plays suggest that Smith could evolve into a formidable player within the Broncos’ lineup.

With the potential to provide depth and impact on the defensive front, Smith’s addition could elevate the Broncos’ defensive capabilities for the upcoming season.

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