84-Year-Old Marathon Runner to Run Her 522nd Marathon Post-Surgery

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Pat Seabrook with her medal

Pat Seabrook has participated in 32 London Marathons [BBC]

An 84-year-old runner has committed to completing her 522nd marathon following a surgical procedure.

Pat Seabrook, residing in East Brent, underwent cataract surgery a week ago and has already participated in 32 London Marathons within a span of 40 years.

Throughout various competitions worldwide, she has amassed a total of 30,000 miles (48,380 km).

This Sunday, Ms. Seabrook will be observing the London Marathon for the first time in several years.

Her running journey commenced in her forties when she would embark on morning jogs with a friend daily at 07:00.

During an interview with BBC Radio Somerset, she mentioned, “That marked the beginning of the running trend.”

‘Progressed Over Time’

In 1987, inspired by her acquaintances participating in the Reading half marathon, she completed her first marathon in London.

Recalling the encouragement she received, she stated, “They advised that you only need to train for approximately seven miles, and the remaining six would be manageable.”

She continued, “And that’s how it all began.”

The seasoned marathoner has surprisingly partaken in two impromptu marathons in Australia while traveling to engage in the Gold Coast Marathon in Melbourne.

Recounting her unexpected experience, she mentioned, “During our journey to Adelaide, I was asked, ‘Are you here for the marathon?’ and I responded, ‘What marathon?'”

She was then guided on how to register for the marathon, which she completed the following day before heading back home.

Extended Duration Run

In anticipation of the 2025 London Marathon, Pat anticipates being within the 85-90 age group, allowing her more time to complete the course.

She expressed, “Once I turn 85, I believe I will have seven hours to finish, which aligns with my current pace.”

Ms. Seabrook reminisced about the initiation of the London marathon in 1981 when competitive running gained momentum.

Reflecting on the current popularity of activities like Parkrun, she stated, “Now there are millions of participants.”

She shared a light-hearted comment, “I may not be the fastest, but there are others behind me who use me as a guide. Once they overtake me, they consider it an accomplishment and encourage the following group by saying, ‘Follow her, she’ll help you complete the course!'”

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