Apple’s Environmental Goals Lead to Removal of Stickers from New iPads

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Apple has announced its new iPad Pro and iPad Air lineup, available for order now and shipping soon. However, these new devices will not come with Apple stickers in the box, a departure from previous offerings.

In a memo sent to Apple Store teams and seen by 9to5Mac, Apple clarified that the exclusion of Apple stickers in the new iPad Pro and iPad Air packaging is in line with the company’s environmental objectives aimed at eliminating plastic from its packaging.

Apple Stores will have a limited supply of Apple logo stickers that can be provided to customers purchasing a new iPad Pro or iPad Air, but only upon request. If you buy one of these devices from an Apple Store, you can ask for an Apple sticker at the time of purchase.

Once Apple Stores exhaust their sticker supply, they can request more from Apple. However, it appears that Apple is not supplying stickers to other retailers like Amazon or Best Buy. Therefore, buying directly from an Apple Store is currently the only way to get Apple stickers with your iPad Pro or iPad Air.

9to5Mac’s Take

The presence of stickers in Apple product boxes may be dwindling. While the M3 MacBook Air released in March includes stickers, the earlier Apple Vision Pro launch did not. Whether the upcoming iPhone 16 will include stickers remains to be seen.

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