Aurelius girl who called 911 for her father honored by Cayuga County sheriff

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Alivia Schroeder, a 6-year-old girl, potentially saved her father’s life by making a 911 call last month.

Alivia was recognized by the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office for promptly contacting county 911 dispatchers when her father Maison Schroeder had a seizure on November 17. She was welcomed by officials at the county public safety building in Sennett, accompanied by Maison, her sister Layla, and her grandparents, Stephen and Kathy Gould.

Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck appointed Alivia as a junior deputy and presented her with a certificate.

“You’re my hero,” Schenck told her.

Denise Spingler, the county 911 administrator, commended Alivia for her courageous act of calling 911 and staying calm while providing the dispatcher with essential information to assist her dad. Her swift action impressed everyone, and she was praised for her bravery.

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Alivia was delighted when Spingler gave her a red balloon with “911” on it and a bag containing a Squishmallow stuffed animal, a coloring book, and crayons. Later, she interacted with Deputy Nikki Loveless, who responded to the scene, Denise Cornelius, a communications training officer at the county 911 center, and McKenna Loerzel, a dispatcher in training at the 911 center. Cornelius and Loerzel, who took Alivia’s call, praised her composed demeanor.

Alivia Schroeder, 6, is honored by Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck and Denise Spingler, the county’s 911 administrator, for dialing 911 when her father Maison Schroeder faced a medical emergency in November.


Alivia Schroeder, who is only 6 years old, was presented with an honorary junior deputy sheriff certificate by Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck. She earned this honor by quickly dialing 911 when her father, Maison, required urgent medical assistance at their residence.

In the photo, Alivia Schroeder, accompanied by her father Maison Schroeder, sister Layla, Deputy Nikki Loveless, 911 dispatchers McKenna Loerzel, Denise Cornelius, 911 Supervisor Denise Spingler, and Sheriff Brian Schenck, is seen proudly displaying her certificate.

Another image shows Alivia Schroeder sitting with her sister Layla at the 911 center in Sennett. They are with 911 dispatcher McKenna Loerzel as they visit the public safety building.

Once again, Sheriff Brian Schenck commended Alivia Schroeder, age 6, by awarding her an honorary junior deputy sheriff certificate. She was recognized for her quick thinking in calling 911 to get help for her father Maison during a medical emergency in their home.

In Cayuga County, Sheriff Brian Schenck honored 6-year-old Alivia Schroeder with an honorary junior deputy sheriff certificate for her quick thinking in calling 911 when her father needed medical assistance. Alivia was commended during an event at the 911 center, where she sat in the chair usually occupied by 911 dispatcher McKenna Loerzel with her sister, Layla. The ceremony took place on December 1 at the public safety building in Sennett.

The heartwarming story of Alivia’s brave actions demonstrates the importance of teaching children how to respond in emergency situations. The event was captured in touching images taken by photographer Kevin Rivoli for The Citizen.

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