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Each year, I produce a preseason preview. It’s customary for me to revisit that preview to celebrate what I got right and laugh at myself for what I got wrong.

It’s important to note that this preview was written before the Jrue Holiday trade, which was a significant turning point. I believe the team could have still clinched the top spot in the East even without the trade, but they may not have dominated the regular season as they did. The impact of players like Malcolm Brogdon and Robert Williams III’s potential injury history could have influenced the outcome differently.

Let’s take a closer look at the preview. I initially debated Marcus Smart’s departure. While it was a tough loss emotionally, I believe it was a sound decision in hindsight. The addition of Jrue Holiday significantly boosted both my confidence and optimism for the season.

Memphis Grizzlies (91) Vs. Boston Celtics (131) At TD Garden

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The team saw the departure of Marcus Smart and Grant Williams and welcomed Porzingis and new assistant coaches, signaling a shift in dynamics. They are leaning heavily on 3-pointers and adopting a drop coverage defense strategy, potentially ensuring continued success in the regular season. However, the question remains whether this approach will carry them through the playoffs this time.

The unexpected inclusion of Jrue Holiday and absence of Timelord added a new dimension to the team’s defense. Holiday now plays a pivotal role as a defensive rover. This strategic adjustment could have contributed to Jaylen Brown’s defensive improvement this season, allowing him to focus more on individual matchups.

Weakness (Injury risk):

While the team faced injury risks with players like Brogdon, Porzingis, Rob Williams, and Al Horford, proactive measures were taken. The acquisition of Jrue Holiday and effective game-time management of Horford and Porzingis helped mitigate these risks during the regular season. However, uncertainties always loom when it comes to injuries, especially heading into the playoffs.

The team made conscious efforts to prevent injuries during the regular season, with meticulous attention to player workload. Nevertheless, the unpredictable nature of injuries underscores the need for precaution as they advance towards the playoffs.


The ultimate goal is always to secure championship banners.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Despite the challenges, I predict the Celtics will clinch the top spot in the East with a 58-24 record.

My prediction was optimistic, but the team exceeded expectations, largely attributed to Jrue Holiday’s impact.

Quick Hit Predictions

Brogdon will not finish the season with the Celtics

This prediction turned out to be accurate.

Porzingis, Williams, and Horford will miss fewer than 20 games each

Porzingis missed 25 games, Horford missed 17 games, and Robert Williams played only 6 games for Portland.

Tatum and Brown will be repeat All-Stars, and Tatum will rank 2nd in MVP voting

While Tatum didn’t land the 2nd place in MVP voting, he showed remarkable progress and consistency throughout the season.

Sam Cassell might grab attention for his actions on the sidelines and earn players’ admiration

While there were glimpses of Sam Cassell’s enthusiasm, he maintained a low profile throughout the season. However, his contributions could place him in the spotlight for potential head coaching opportunities in the future.

Pritchard and Hauser will play more significant roles, including in the playoffs

This prediction proved accurate, highlighting the players’ increased contributions as the season progressed.

Brissett will start as a rotation wing but might be replaced by Jordan Walsh by the season’s end

Both players had limited playing time, with Brissett stepping up when needed. Walsh’s development signals a promising future within the team.

Charlotte Hornets v Boston Celtics

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The absence of Grant Williams as an option might be felt at certain times

The team seemed to manage without Grant Williams, indicating a calculated decision not to over-extend financially in retaining him.

Jaylen Brown’s decision-making and offensive strategies might see improvement

Brown displayed growth in his gameplay throughout the season, particularly in making better offensive choices. However, the true test will be in the playoffs where opponents can exploit any weaknesses.

Banner 18 remains the team’s primary objective

The team appears poised and prepared for the challenge ahead; execution will be key in achieving their ultimate goal.

Go Celtics!

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