Boy, 10, Shoots Mother Dead Over VR Headset Dispute; Faces Adult Charges

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A distressing incident unfolded in Milwaukee where a 10-year-old boy fatally shot his 44-year-old mother and is now being prosecuted for first-degree homicide as an adult.

Reportedly, the boy was upset with his mother for waking him early and denying him something on Amazon.

The tragic event occurred at their residence near 87th and Hemlock around 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 21. Initially thought to be accidental, the shooting resulted in the mother, identified as Quiana Mann, being shot in the head and succumbing to her injuries.

Upon initial questioning, the boy claimed the gun discharged accidentally while he was playing with it. He then woke his sister, who discovered their deceased mother and promptly dialed 911.

As per the official investigation, the boy manifested “rage issues” since childhood and reportedly interacted with imaginary entities. Prior to the incident, his mother had surveillance cameras installed to monitor his activities, which were found disconnected two weeks before her tragic demise.

It was revealed that the morning after the incident, the boy used his late mother’s Amazon account to purchase an Oculus Virtual Reality Headset. Additionally, accusations emerged that he had allegedly mistreated a puppy in the past by swinging it by its tail.

During a subsequent interview with authorities, the boy confessed that he retrieved the gun out of anger for being awakened early and not being allowed to purchase an item on Amazon. He claimed that he intended to scare his mother by shooting the wall but accidentally hit her and admitted to accessing the gun the night before from a lockbox using his mother’s keys.

Neighbors described the family as unremarkable, with the community left shocked by the arrest of the 10-year-old in an area known for its peacefulness.

The Mayor of Milwaukee, Cavalier Johnson, expressed concern over the incident, emphasizing the gravity of any crime, regardless of the perpetrator’s age and revealing his recent awareness of the situation.

Charged with first-degree reckless homicide, the boy could potentially face up to 60 years in prison if convicted. He appeared in court for an initial hearing where a $50,000 cash bond was established, with a scheduled status hearing set for Dec. 7.

Due to the boy’s age, his identity remains undisclosed in accordance with TMJ4 News’ policy. In Wisconsin, charging individuals under 17 as adults is uncommon, with cases as young as 10 being extremely rare.

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