‘Can’t deny it’: Experts confirm video allegedly showing aliens is genuine

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 (NewsNation) —  According to a seasoned crime scene reconstruction expert who has scrutinized the footage supposedly depicting two creatures in a Las Vegas backyard, the video remains unaltered, and he is convinced that he has observed the figures of not just one but two beings.

“Once you see it, you can’t deny it,” stated Scott Roder from “Evidence Room” Animation and Exhibits.

“There’s no editing. That is an original video,” he informed NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Friday. “We tried to debunk it to see if there was something that was added to the video. All of our results came back as it was authentic.”

On April 30, 2023, the Kenmore family contacted 911 to report something “not human” in their backyard. This report sparked police interest especially after other officers had witnessed an enigmatic flashing light in the sky on the same evening.

However, verifying that the video has not been tampered with doesn’t clarify its contents. Roder mentioned that it required numerous viewings before he identified something he had initially missed: two beings simultaneously captured in the video.  

Roder utilized motion tracking software to identify the source of the motion.

“We took the vector motion — points in space … and then we attach that to a figure in the background to show that the movement of the shadow reflects the movement of a body that is attached to the head.”

“We don’t believe it’s a floating head,” he added. “We believe it’s attached to a body. And the motion of that head from right to left is consistent with the motion that we see between the slats of the fence.”

“It’s there. It’s absolutely there.”

Reinforcing his conviction is the genuine astonishment displayed by the Kenmore family upon witnessing the event.

Ben Hansen, the host of “UFO Witness” on Discovery+, holds a different opinion. He aligns with a digital expert in the U.K. who suggests that the “creature” is simply a shadow cast by a flashlight held by a member of the Kenmore family.

“I’m convinced it’s explainable,” stated Hansen.

Roder, however, argues that shadows do not behave in the manner proposed. He points out that the image above the fence lacks a surface to cast a shadow.

“I don’t understand how the shadow could just be floating above the fence. I don’t believe that makes any sense.”

Roder suggests that if skeptics believe it to be a shadow caused by a light source, they should endeavor to replicate it. Only then would he consider the credibility of their claims.

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