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McDonald’s is enhancing its core menu items to drive sales growth with a focus on improving its iconic burgers.

Changes include softer buns, gooier cheese, adding onions to patties on the grill, and increasing the Big Mac sauce.

According to McDonald’s senior director of culinary innovation, Chef Chad Schafer, these adjustments, like using hotter, meltier cheese, have significantly enhanced the burger’s flavor. These changes apply to the Big Mac, McDouble burger, and classic cheeseburger options.

The Big Mac will come with more Big Mac sauce.

These improvements were first implemented in international markets and are now available in select US cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, with national availability expected early next year.

These changes are part of McDonald’s ongoing efforts to enhance its key menu offerings.

Previous improvements to menu items include transitioning to fresh beef for Quarter Pounders in 2018 and the introduction of a new crispy chicken sandwich in 2021.

CEO Chris Kempczinski highlighted the success of these menu upgrades, leading to increased market share in both chicken and beef categories during a recent analyst call.

Even the humble cheeseburger is getting an upgrade.

McDonald’s strategic focus on core menu items over new launches aims to streamline operations and enhance customer experience. The brand has leveraged promotions like celebrity meal collaborations and adult Happy Meals to drive interest in its iconic offerings.

CEO Kempczinski noted that recent marketing campaigns have brought customers closer to McDonald’s core menu items.

Other fast-food chains like Burger King are also focusing on enhancing their core offerings, such as the Whopper, to drive business growth.

Burger King’s efforts to revitalize its business include improvements to the Whopper and increased advertising visibility, resulting in positive sales impact in the US.

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