Chris Adamski’s Steelers mock draft: Doubling up on Georgia tackles… and ex-Cornell players?

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Looking to reinforce a key position on the team, the Steelers are considering selecting another Georgia offensive tackle in the first round this year, following last year’s pick of Broderick Jones. This time, they might choose Amarius Mims, a highly-rated prospect according to ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr.

With Jones performing well as a rookie on the right side, the Steelers are grooming him to potentially take over as the left tackle. Therefore, Mims could be an excellent addition as a future right tackle alongside Jones.

To address potential gaps in the lineup, the Steelers have a well-thought-out draft strategy, aiming to bolster positions like wide receiver and center. Ricky Pearsall from Florida and Hunter Nourzad from Penn State are among the prospective picks to enhance the team’s offensive capabilities.

The Steelers are also eyeing defensive talents like Jeremiah Trotter Jr. from Clemson and Jalyx Hunt from Houston Christian to strengthen their linebacking corps. Additionally, Logan Lee from Iowa is a potential pick to fortify the defensive line.

The draft plan includes addressing specific areas of need on the team, such as slot and nickel cornerback positions, which could be filled by players like Daequan Hardy from Penn State. These selections aim to improve the overall depth and performance of the Steelers in the upcoming season.

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