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COLORADO, USA (KRDO) – The American Heart Association is alerting cannabis users of all ages to potential concerns regarding heart health, particularly in light of the popular cannabis holiday on April 20 (4/20).

Robert Page II, PharmD, a professor at CU Boulder’s Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, was involved in initial research investigating the impact of cannabis use on the cardiovascular system.

Recent studies have revealed cardiovascular concerns associated with regular cannabis use across different age groups, including young adults, middle-aged individuals, and older adults.

Surprisingly, data collected from 18-35-year-olds showed alarming trends that raised red flags for researchers.

These risks include a heightened chance of stroke, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, and other cardiovascular diseases, with the duration of cannabis use correlating with an increased risk of these events.

Page emphasized that while traditional risk factors like tobacco use, obesity, and high cholesterol play a role in heart health, cannabis use may compound these concerns.

According to Page, both vaping and smoking cannabis pose risks, with daily usage for 4 to 5 days increasing the risk for adverse events.

Even individuals with medical cannabis cards are not exempt from these risks, as prescribed medications can also carry side effects that impact heart health.

Middle-aged and older cannabis users are advised to have open discussions with their healthcare providers to assess potential drug interactions with their current medications.

Page highlighted that these are associated risks and not direct consequences of cannabis use, citing the limitations in conducting comprehensive studies due to the legal classification of cannabis as a schedule one drug in the U.S.

Comparing the situation with cannabis to the delayed discovery of the health impacts of tobacco, Page stressed the need for extensive research to determine the full effects of cannabis on the body.

For more information on the studies mentioned by Page, visit: Association of Cannabis Use With Cardiovascular Outcomes Among US Adults

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