Eaton completes first-of-its-kind clean energy project in Puerto Rico to power manufacturing and support the regional power grid

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Eaton Launches Innovative Clean Energy Project in Puerto Rico

Eaton has successfully implemented a pioneering clean energy venture in Puerto Rico to not only power its manufacturing operations but also to contribute towards supporting the regional power grid.

  • Significant Milestones Achieved Through the Project:
    • Eaton’s new microgrid at its Arecibo facility sets new benchmarks for reliable and sustainable energy practices in the community.
    • Partnership with Enel results in the establishment of the largest clean energy microgrid in Puerto Rico, generating close to 10 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy annually.
    • Eaton effectively reduces energy consumption by 45% at the Arecibo plant, leading to a significant cut of 7,100 metric tons in emissions yearly and nearly 20% reduction in costs.

Eaton, a leader in intelligent power management solutions, has inaugurated a groundbreaking clean energy initiative at its manufacturing site in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. This project features an innovative clean energy microgrid system established in collaboration with Enel North America, marking a revolutionary step towards enhancing manufacturing capabilities with clean, sustainable, and resilient power solutions. Additionally, Eaton has leveraged its intelligent power management technologies to implement efficiency measures aimed at reducing energy consumption at its facility.

Eaton Microgrid Project

According to Mike Yelton, President of the Americas Region, Electrical Sector at Eaton, “Communities and businesses everywhere need far more sustainable, resilient and affordable power. The projects at our Arecibo manufacturing facility provide a blueprint on how to put the energy transition to work—delivering essential benefits for the community and our business.”

This innovative project in Puerto Rico reflects Eaton’s holistic ‘Everything as a Grid’ approach towards the energy transition, enabling flexible energy systems that support enhanced resilience, efficiency, and affordability in power management. The microgrid initiative at the Arecibo facility will cater to more than half of its energy requirements, thereby aiding in emissions reduction, mitigating energy costs, and ensuring operational resilience during grid disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does the clean energy project in Puerto Rico involve?
The clean energy project in Puerto Rico led by Eaton focuses on establishing a cutting-edge microgrid system at its Arecibo facility, powered by renewable sources in partnership with Enel North America.

2. How does Eaton contribute to sustainability in its operations?
Eaton is committed to reducing carbon emissions across its global operations by 50% before 2030 through initiatives such as energy efficiency enhancements and increased reliance on renewable sources.

3. What benefits does the microgrid offer during grid outages?
The microgrid system is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including Category 5 hurricane-force winds, and can generate renewable energy for local consumption or distribution back to the grid, thereby alleviating strain on the utility infrastructure.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi commended Eaton for its investment in Puerto Rico and its support for the transition towards clean energy generation through initiatives like the clean energy microgrid. Moreover, by focusing on sustainability at its Arecibo facility and implementing energy-efficient practices globally, Eaton is actively contributing to a low-carbon future.

Harold Jones, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President of Eaton Business System, emphasized the importance of bold sustainability actions in addressing pressing environmental challenges and achieving carbon emission reduction targets. The successful implementation of the clean energy project in Puerto Rico underscores Eaton’s commitment to innovative and sustainable manufacturing practices while setting a precedent for renewable energy adoption in the region.

Carlos Ramírez Irizarry, Mayor of Arecibo, commended Eaton for its sustainable manufacturing efforts in Arecibo, positioning the municipality as a frontrunner in renewable energy adoption within Puerto Rico. Additionally, with the initiation of a second microgrid project at Eaton’s Las Piedras facility, Eaton and Enel North America are further enhancing energy resilience in Puerto Rico amidst evolving climate change impacts.America. Enel is thrilled to collaborate with Eaton in shaping the future of manufacturing, extending beyond factory boundaries to bolster energy resiliency for the wider community. The need to implement microgrids, especially in areas with fragile electrical infrastructure, is more pressing than ever before, and Enel is providing the clean and adaptable systems essential for the energy transition.

Enel North America has constructed, owns, and operates the system on Eaton’s behalf. The project’s financing model follows an energy-as-a-service approach, transferring Eaton’s investment in the microgrid system from a capital to an operational expense. Eaton contributed its expertise in installation and essential technologies for the microgrid system, including its Power Xpert microgrid solutions and cutting-edge power distribution equipment.

“Eaton plays a significant role in Puerto Rico’s electrical transformation with this milestone. Renewable energy is vital for democratizing energy access in Puerto Rico. By establishing an affordable, reliable electrical system, Puerto Rico positions itself as an appealing business destination. We applaud Eaton for this monumental achievement and express gratitude for their confidence in the island,” remarked Manuel Cidre, the secretary of Puerto Rico’s Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC).

“As part of LUMA, we are dedicated to developing a cleaner, more dependable, and resilient electric grid. Serving as Puerto Rico’s T&D operator, and having facilitated the connection of over 84,000 customers to net energy metering programs, we take pride in supporting customers such as Eaton and Enel who advocate for clean energy and energy efficiency. We anticipate many more industrial customers to follow their lead,” shared Juan Saca, LUMA’s president and CEO.

Eaton’s holistic “Everything as a Grid” strategy for the energy transition enables customers to incorporate more renewables and energy storage safely. This transformation enhances sustainability and resilience while reducing operational costs. To learn more about Eaton’s approach to the energy transition, visit the following link: energy transition.

Eaton, an innovative power management company, is dedicated to environmental protection and enhancing global quality of life. Our products cater to various sectors, including data centers, utilities, industries, commercial enterprises, residential properties, aerospace, and mobility markets. Upheld by our commitment to ethical business practices and sustainability, we assist our customers in power management both now and in the future. By capitalizing on the expanding trends of electrification and digitalization globally, we are expediting the shift towards renewable energy sources, addressing critical power management challenges, and cultivating a sustainable society for present and future generations.

Established in 1911, Eaton has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange for over a century. In 2023, we reported revenues of $23.2 billion and cater to customers in more than 160 countries. For further details, please visit You can also follow us on LinkedIn for updates.


  1. What is the collaboration between Enel and Eaton about?
    Enel and Eaton are working together to build clean and adaptable energy systems for manufacturing, extending beyond traditional boundaries to enhance energy resiliency for communities.

  2. How is the financing model for the microgrid project structured?
    The microgrid project follows an energy-as-a-service model, shifting Eaton’s investment from a capital to an operational expense, with Enel North America responsible for construction, ownership, and operation.

  3. What is Eaton’s approach to the energy transition?
    Eaton’s “Everything as a Grid” approach enables customers to incorporate more renewables and energy storage safely, improving sustainability and resilience while reducing operational costs.

  4. Where can I find more information about Eaton and its initiatives?
    For more information about Eaton, including its products and sustainability efforts, visit You can also stay updated by following Eaton on LinkedIn.

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