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Promoter Eddie Hearn has set his sights on guiding his new fighter Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis towards unifying the welterweight division by taking on other champions, ultimately leading to a potential showdown with Terence Crawford.

Hearn sees a future mega-clash between Ennis (31-0, 28 KOs) and Crawford as a significant goal, but he believes Ennis first needs to gather all three remaining belts in the 147-pound division.

Priority on Mandatory Defense

When asked about Ennis’ next fight under his Matchroom Boxing banner, Hearn stated, “Yes, the Conor Benn fight is an option, but right now, my focus is more on Cody Crowley, his mandatory challenger. Ennis needs to handle that first.” This mandatory defense against IBF contender Crowley could potentially take place in July in Ennis’ hometown of Philadelphia if the matchup is finalized. Hearn did not reveal an alternative opponent if Crowley declines the fight.

Hearn emphasized that Conor Benn is not currently a top priority for Ennis, as it would be more beneficial to have that fight in the UK to maximize revenue due to Benn’s popularity in that region.

Unification Bout Aspirations

Expressing his aspirations, Hearn commented, “I am looking to arrange fights between Ennis and WBA welterweight champion Eimantas Stanionis as well as WBC interim 147-pound champion Mario Barrios. The current landscape presents a significant opportunity for Ennis to engage in unification fights, a chance that was previously less prevalent.”

It remains to be seen if Hearn can broker these desired unification fights for Ennis, as significant financial incentives may be required to entice Barrios and Stanionis to accept a risky bout against Ennis, given his formidable skill set. The involvement of Saudi Arabian investors could potentially facilitate the staging of Ennis’ unification contests in their country.

The Ultimate Objective: Crawford vs. Ennis

Hearn reiterated, “Crawford, Spence, they all recognize Ennis’ talent, and with the right financial incentives, I believe they will face him. Ennis is likely to have a fight in July, followed by a return to Philadelphia, leading to a major unification bout.”

Looking ahead, Hearn envisions a marquee matchup between Ennis and Terence Crawford as one of the premier fights in boxing. However, if Ennis does not secure a bout against Crawford within the next two years, Crawford may be nearing retirement age, potentially impacting the realization of this anticipated showdown.

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