Encouraging Jersey Residents to Utilize Bowel Cancer Test Kits

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A message has been circulated advocating the use of bowel cancer test kits, emphasizing their capability to identify signs of bowel cancer and pre-cancerous alterations prior to the manifestation of symptoms.

Dr. Moses Duku, a consultant, shared that the tests have aided in detecting 60-75 patients with bowel cancer annually.

Dr. Duku noted that “Bowel cancer screening diminishes the likelihood of succumbing to bowel cancer by a minimum of 35-50%.

“Screenings can be intimidating, and individuals may feel hesitant to provide a sample; therefore, conducting the test in the privacy of their homes can help them feel more comfortable.”

Presently, approximately 80% of individuals who receive the complimentary test kits are utilizing them, as per government reports.

Plans are in place to extend the age range for screening from 55 to 75, aiming to reach a broader segment of the population.

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