Georgia mother tragically killed by aggressive dogs that targeted her children shortly before Mother’s Day

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A mother was fatally attacked by a group of dogs along with her three children outside a school in Georgia, just days before Mother’s Day.

The incident took place on Thursday as the family was waiting at a bus stop behind the Brooks County Middle School in Quitman, as reported by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Courtney Williams, aged 35, was discovered deceased in a nearby yard.

Courtney Williams lost her life in an attack by dogs while with her three children. Facebook/Crystal Cox

Upon arrival, deputies encountered multiple aggressive dogs on the scene, stated the GBI.

Her children were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, with her son sustaining severe injuries after bravely shielding his younger sister from the attacking dogs, as detailed by a family member.

“Kayden pushed his sister away from danger, saving her but confronting the dogs himself,” shared Williams’ sister-in-law Crystal Cox on Facebook.

Graphic images revealed the extent of the boy’s injuries, including deep wounds on his arms, legs, and head.

Kayden, the son, selflessly protected his sister from the dogs, ensuring her safety. Facebook/Crystal Cox
Another son sought help inside the school, where a man intervened and rescued them from the dogs. Facebook/Crystal Cox

Amid the attack, Williams’ other son rushed into the school for aid and managed to find a man, described by Cox as “an angel,” who intervened to help fend off the dogs and transport them to the hospital.

While Kayden sustained significant injuries, Cox mentioned that all three are currently recuperating at her residence.

The specific breed of dogs responsible for the attack is unknown, though neighbors informed WALB that they had previously lodged complaints about the lack of animal control in the vicinity.

The family faced the dog attack while waiting at the school bus stop. WALB 10 News

Residents expressed concerns about abandoned dogs and the absence of animal control services within the county, highlighting the challenges faced in seeking assistance with such animals.

One neighbor reflected on the tragic timing of the incident, occurring merely three days before Mother’s Day.

“I sympathize with the family and the children who now have to celebrate Mother’s Day without their mother,” they remarked.

The GBI will be performing an autopsy to ascertain the official cause of death for Courtney Williams.

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