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# GOP blocks Democratic effort to replace Feinstein on Judiciary panel | CNN Politics


Senate Republicans have officially rejected a request made by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to replace Senator Dianne Feinstein temporarily on the Judiciary Committee. This move was aimed at pushing forward stalled judicial nominations by the Democrats.

Feinstein, who is currently absent due to her recovery from shingles, requested to be temporarily replaced on the committee. However, Senate Republicans have opposed the Democratic efforts to replace her, urging the 89-year-old California Democrat to either step down or return promptly.

Senator Schumer, in an attempt to honor Feinstein’s request, introduced a motion praising her achievements and expressing concern for her well-being. Despite acknowledging Feinstein’s abilities, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham objected to Schumer’s proposal, alleging it as a tactic to confirm more judges rather than addressing Feinstein’s absence.

Even though Democrats could still potentially force a vote to replace Feinstein, it would require the unlikely support of 10 Republicans. Feinstein, who has declared she will not seek re-election, originally aimed to return to Washington in March but faced delays due to health complications. She now plans to return as soon as her medical team deems it safe to travel.

Senator Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, discussed the possibility of temporarily replacing Feinstein on the committee with Schumer, emphasizing that the decision was made in light of the current circumstances and the need to maintain operations within the committee.

In the absence of a successful replacement of Feinstein or her timely return, crucial agenda items of the Democrats could potentially face obstacles.Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, had announced in February that she would not seek reelection. Despite being absent from the Capitol due to health reasons such as recovering from shingles, many congressional Democrats have expressed their support for her decision to continue serving in office.

Additionally, Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin acknowledged that Feinstein’s absence has caused delays in confirming nominees, affecting the Democrats’ agenda. While there have been calls for her resignation, some Democrats hope that Republicans will assist in temporarily replacing her on the committee.

However, opposition to replacing Feinstein on the Judiciary Committee has been voiced by Republican Senator John Cornyn. He opposes efforts to replace her and believes Republicans should not support controversial nominees put forward by President Biden.

The situation surrounding Feinstein’s absence has raised concerns about the Democrats’ ability to advance their nominees and confirms the impact her prolonged absence could have on the Senate’s proceedings.

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