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Devin Haney appeared visibly drained at the final press conference before his upcoming fight with Ryan Garcia on DAZN PPV. Reports suggest that the WBC light welterweight champion is struggling with a challenging weight cut to reach 140 pounds.

The significant drop from over 170 pounds to 140 pounds, if accurate, poses a serious risk to Haney’s physical well-being. Shedding this much weight could have detrimental effects on his health in the long term.

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Haney’s appearance was concerning, as he tried to conceal the effects of his weight loss by wearing a jacket and sunglasses. However, his condition was evident to observers.

His eyes seemed sunken due to dehydration, highlighting the extreme measures he is taking to reach the 140-pound limit.

Sunglasses on the Scale: My Bold Prediction

It wouldn’t be surprising if Haney wears sunglasses even during the weigh-in to hide the sunken appearance of his eyes. This prediction stems from his current physical state.

Given Haney’s current condition, he may need to move up to welterweight soon to avoid jeopardizing his health by consistently cutting weight from a rumored weight of over 170 pounds to 140 pounds for fights against larger opponents.

If Haney opts to stay at 140 pounds, his potential opponents are limited, with Subriel Matias being a probable choice as negotiating a bout with Teofimo Lopez could prove challenging due to financial demands and promotional considerations.

Ryan Garcia: The Lurking Threat

Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) poses a significant threat to Haney’s chances, with the potential to defeat him before matchups with other contenders like Boots Ennis, Matias, and Teofimo. Haney’s weight cuts may have finally caught up with him.

Garcia seemed determined during the press conference, observing Haney’s weakened state and ready to capitalize on any weaknesses.

Competing at a weight significantly lower than his natural class, Haney risks being overpowered due to the strain of cutting weight, a factor that may play out in his fight against Garcia.

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