He was free for 2 years. Now Crosley Green is back in prison for a crime he says he didn’t commit | CNN

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He was free for 2 years Now Crosley Green is


A man from Florida spent three decades in prison for a murder he claims he did not commit. He returned to prison on Monday after enjoying two years of freedom outside the prison walls.

After being conditionally released in 2021 pending further appeals, 65-year-old Crosley Green had been working at a machine crafting facility, attending church, spending time with his grandchildren, and even finding love.

His fiancée, Kathy Spikes, expressed her distress at not being able to talk to him freely after two years of being together and shared concerns about his return to prison.

Approximately two weeks after US District Judge Roy Dalton’s order, Green surrendered to Florida’s Department of Corrections with the support of his fiancée, family, and pro bono lawyers Keith Harrison and Jeane Thomas.

Green was granted conditional release in 2021 following the reversal of his conviction by a federal court. Despite legal efforts, including a petition to the US Supreme Court, his conviction was ultimately reinstated and he had to return to prison.

Despite the setbacks, Green remains positive and resolute in his pursuit to prove his innocence.

He attributes his resilience to his faith and encourages others to believe in themselves and remain steadfast in their convictions.

Thomas highlighted the distinction between clemency and exoneration and emphasized their ongoing legal battle to seek justice for Green.

Green’s legal team believes clemency or parole are his remaining options to avoid further imprisonment and are advocating for his parole based on his conduct during his supervised release.

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