I was diagnosed with Stage 4 skin cancer at 22 despite having no visible moles or marks and never tanning

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When Mariena Browning, a resident of Pocatello, Idaho, was just 22 years old, she was in excellent shape, focusing on plans to buy a house and start a family with her husband. Little did she know that a few weeks later, she would receive a devastating diagnosis of Stage 4 melanoma, a type of skin cancer, despite not having any visible moles or marks on her body. This marked the beginning of a challenging three-year journey of treatments that took a toll on her health, causing severe side effects like yellowing of her eyes and a colon infection.

Now at 28 years old and a new mother, Mrs. Browning is sharing her story to raise awareness about the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure and the importance of regular sunscreen application. She wants people to understand that melanoma can develop even without the presence of moles.

Melanoma, a form of skin cancer that affects the cells responsible for producing skin pigment, impacts approximately 1.4 million Americans. Typically, individuals become aware of skin cancer when they notice unusual spots or changes in existing moles on their skin. However, Browning was part of the small percentage of skin cancer patients without a recognizable primary site for her cancer.

While melanoma is treatable when detected early, Browning’s case had progressed significantly by the time it was discovered, spreading to her lymph nodes. Despite undergoing various treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, her condition worsened with the cancer metastasizing further. Browning’s survival rate plummeted upon the diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, where the odds of surviving past five years are minimal.

Her treatment journey involved multiple surgeries to remove cancerous growths, which resulted in challenging side effects and complications. Browning emphasizes the importance of sun safety, regular skin checks with a dermatologist, and the significance of early detection in combating skin cancer. Although her battle with melanoma was arduous, she persevered through the treatments, signaling hope and resilience in the face of a life-threatening illness.A woman in her 20s was diagnosed with stage 4 skin cancer despite having no visible moles, marks, or a history of tanning. She initially thought she had a cyst due to pain she experienced when wearing tight clothes. After undergoing numerous tests, she was diagnosed with cancer and had to endure intensive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

During her treatment, she faced various health challenges including a serious bacterial infection that affected her colon, as well as the cancer spreading to her brain which required additional radiation therapy. She also experienced side effects from treatments such as irritability from steroids and temporary liver problems, leading to jaundiced eyes.

Despite these setbacks, in February 2020, she received the positive news that there were no more tumors in her body. She stopped treatment in October 2021 and has since welcomed a baby girl with her husband, which she considers a blessing as it can be difficult for cancer survivors to conceive.

She aims to raise awareness about melanoma, especially among young people, and remains optimistic about the future. Sharing her journey on social media, she encourages others to stay positive even in difficult times.

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