Jaguars’ Anton Harrison shares insights on draft journey: from uncertainty to determination

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His suggestion for draft prospects? “Avoid dwelling too much on the future. Although I typically like to plan far ahead, focusing on the present moment can be immensely beneficial,” he advised.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Jaguars had an eventful draft experience with offensive tackle Anton Harrison, who was chosen with the 17th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, reflecting on his journey since then.

Prior to the draft, Harrison faced uncertainty as he engaged in discussions with multiple teams.

“You never really know. I spoke to some teams, and the possibilities were uncertain, so it was hard to predict,” Harrison explained.

Recalling the moment he was drafted 27th overall the previous year, Harrison described it as emotional.

“Transitioning from college to being drafted was a great experience. I didn’t shed tears, which was a positive. I was surrounded by my family back at home, and having them all there meant a lot. Each one of them had made sacrifices for me, so it was a significant moment,” he shared.

Upon entering the league, Harrison immediately focused on the work ahead.

“When they call your name, it’s game time. They ask, ‘Are you ready to work?’ and you dive right in. The next day, you arrive in the city. I came to Jacksonville, loved what I saw, returned home briefly, and then came back ready to work,” he detailed.

He highlighted the pressure associated with being a first-round pick and his determination to validate his selection.

“I focused on rapidly learning the playbook because I wanted to contribute, play, and be a relied-upon player by the team. I aimed to demonstrate my abilities and help secure victories on game days,” Harrison expressed.

Imparting advice to the incoming rookie class, Harrison stressed the importance of staying present.

“Don’t get too caught up in the future. Although I typically like to plan far ahead, focusing on the present moment will steer you towards your goals. Just stay focused on the here and now,” he advised.

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