Janhvi Kapoor’s big revelation: She believes in astrology

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Janhvi Kapoor Believes in Astrology

Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor recently shared that she has a strong belief in astrology and has even explored her zodiac compatibility multiple times.

In a press conference for her upcoming movie ‘Mr. & Mrs. Mahi’, Janhvi was asked about her thoughts on astrology, particularly in the context of her character getting her horoscope matched for an arranged marriage.

Janhvi mentioned, “I have checked zodiac compatibility many times. I do have faith in astrology, but it doesn’t dictate my interactions with others solely based on our zodiac signs not matching.”

In ‘Mr. & Mrs. Mahi’, Janhvi stars alongside Rajkummar Rao, with the film set for release on the 31st. Additionally, she will be seen in ‘Devara: Chapter 1’ alongside the popular actor Jr NTR.

Talking about her role as Thangam in the movie, Janhvi expressed her enthusiasm for working with a dedicated team that showcases deep passion and commitment to storytelling. She also mentioned feeling fortunate to work with Jr NTR in the film.

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