Manchester United vs Arsenal live reaction

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The responses from Arsenal supporters on our discussion page have varied from not overly impressed to echoing sentiments such as “a victory is a victory”…

Luco O: Securing the win was the most important outcome.

Nicolas R: It wasn’t beautiful, but whatever. Let’s hope West Ham can help us out on the final day.

Joseph S: Not the prettiest performance, but a significant result for this team. Saliba was outstanding in defense. We’ve taken it to the last day, and if City wants the title, they’ll have to work for it.

Pires C: Judging by today’s performance, we don’t appear to deserve the title. Second place seems fitting for our current level. This Arsenal team faced defeat against mid-table opponents, and our defensive approach makes us seem like a mid-table team. We struggle with ball possession and give it away too easily. I still support my fellow Gooners, the players, and Arteta, but it’s essential to be realistic and objective about our standing.

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