Matt Damon, Jon Hamm, Martin Short, Paul Rudd, Ryan Gosling Welcome Kristen Wiig to the ‘SNL’ Five-Timers Club

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A Star-Studded Welcome for Kristen Wiig at ‘SNL’

A group of well-known veteran hosts of “Saturday Night Live” gathered to celebrate Kristen Wiig’s induction into the prestigious “Five-Timers Club.” Although most of them haven’t achieved the milestone of hosting the show five times like Wiig.

Wiig, a former cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” marked her fifth time as a host, previously appearing in 2013, 2016, and twice in 2020.

The evening kicked off with Paul Rudd, a legitimate five-timer, presenting Wiig with her honorary jacket. Other guests included Damon, Hamm, Short, Forte, Armisen, and Gosling, none of whom have reached the coveted five-time hosting mark yet.

During the celebration, Damon humorously mentioned how his two hosting stints were worth five according to his calculations, creating a light-hearted atmosphere. The banter continued with Hamm eagerly anticipating his fourth hosting opportunity.

Wiig, feeling less impressed by the club’s exclusivity, was taken aback when Gosling, not yet a five-timer, made an early appearance sporting a jacket.

The night featured various sketches and appearances by the star-studded guests, adding to the entertainment value of the show. The cast and guests all donned Five-Timers Club jackets by the end of the night, emphasizing the once-exclusive honor’s now common occurrence.

Apart from the celebrations, the episode opened with a hilarious parody related to March Madness, showcasing the dynamic range of the show. Wiig, who continues her success beyond “SNL,” stars in Apple TV+’s “Palm Royale” and maintains her presence in various projects.

Musical guest Raye made her debut on “SNL,” adding another exciting element to the show’s lineup. Wiig’s hosting adds to a stellar roster of hosts this season, including a mix of actors, musicians, and comedians.

Looking ahead, Ryan Gosling is confirmed to host the next episode with Chris Stapleton as the musical guest, promising more memorable moments on “Saturday Night Live.”


1. What is the Five-Timers Club on ‘SNL’?
The Five-Timers Club is an exclusive group of hosts who have hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the fifth time, a significant milestone in the show’s history.

2. Who are some of the celebrities in the Five-Timers Club?
Celebrities like Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, and others who have hosted the show at least five times are part of this prestigious club.

3. What was the highlight of Kristen Wiig’s fifth hosting appearance on ‘SNL’?
The highlight of Wiig’s fifth hosting appearance was the star-studded gathering and the humorous interactions between the guests, making it a memorable episode.

4. Which musical guest made their debut on ‘SNL’ during Wiig’s fifth hosting stint?
Raye, a British singer-songwriter, made her debut on “SNL” during Wiig’s fifth hosting appearance, bringing her unique music to the show.

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