Morning Inspiration with Molly Sims – A Peek into the Supermodel, Mom, and Beauty Brand Founder’s Daily Ritual

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Being a lifestyle editor allows me to delve into various topics, from adding romance to our lives to exploring the newest wellness trends. One of the most remarkable assignments I have had is interviewing exceptional women whose journeys I have admired for years. One such moment was delving into the morning routine of supermodel and beauty mogul, Molly Sims, to uncover how she manages to balance it all.

Molly’s modeling portfolio boasts campaigns with renowned brands like Jimmy Choo, Escada, Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors, and Chanel, making her a prominent figure in the fashion world. Her podcast, Lipstick on the Rim, is a must-listen, while her beauty brand YSE has become a staple part of our routines. Additionally, her media company, Something Happy Productions, churns out binge-worthy content. This list merely scratches the surface of Molly’s accomplishments, which are truly extensive. Meeting Molly reaffirmed that sometimes, meeting your heroes can be an absolute joy rather than a disappointment.

molly sims wake up call

Molly Sims’ Morning Routine

“Almost canceled, but I never cancel,” were Molly’s first words when we arrived at her LA residence. Amidst the hectic scene of meetings with her YSE team, podcast interviews, and preparations for a family trip to London, Molly exuded a vibrant energy and contagious laughter. A consummate professional, she also managed to infuse the shoot with her natural charm, even pausing to clean up dog mess in her backyard—a real down-to-earth moment. Unlike many other celebrities, Molly radiates approachability and authenticity, inviting you into her world effortlessly.

Molly’s flawless skin speaks volumes about her dedication to beauty, showcased through her skincare routine and her passion-driven venture, YSE Beauty. Her keen sense of aesthetics and ability to surround herself with beauty have propelled her into a life filled with inspiration and vibrancy.

Continue reading to discover our insightful conversation with Molly, covering everything from her morning must-haves to her favorite workouts. You’re bound to find her as refreshing and genuine as we did.

molly sims wake up call

molly sims wake up call

Tell us about your career. What has life been like as a model and actress?

Reflecting on my career journey, I never anticipated the path it would take. Hailing from a small town in Kentucky, known mainly for its basketball, I’ve been fortunate to travel the world for modeling, collaborate with talented individuals in acting, and venture into the beauty industry with YSE Beauty.

My insatiable curiosity has played a significant role in shaping who I am today. Life, as I’ve realized, entails embracing unexpected opportunities. Despite harboring interests in true crime and politics that led me to consider a legal career—a path I never pursued—my mother’s passion for beauty and cultural exploration sparked a deep appreciation in me for fashion and beauty, evolving into a profound passion.

Life unfolds very differently than you think it would.

What has been your biggest learning over the past year?

This past year marked the birth and growth of my “fourth child,” YSE Beauty. Still in its infancy stage, it’s now gaining momentum, and I feel immensely proud. Running a direct-to-consumer brand involves delving into various facets like influencer strategies, marketing, social media tactics, manufacturing, and product development. Engaging with and understanding my customers, particularly YSE women, fuels my desire to enhance their experiences continuously.

**What’s a Day in the Life of Molly Sims Like?**

molly sims wake up call

**What does a typical day look like for Molly Sims?**

– Molly starts her day with the Stuber clan in bed, trying to get Grey, the hardest to wake up, ready for the day.
– Quick calendar check to ensure nothing is missed.
– Pilates session or cardio workout with Erika Rae from Forma Pilates.
– Enjoy a cup of coffee with coconut creamer.
– Breakfast usually includes egg white muffins.
– Dresses up for work, even in casual LA, to boost productivity.
– Office meetings fueled by bone broth and salads.
– Pick up kids, head to sports practice, a period of full-time parenting.
– Dinner amidst the chaos, followed by family binge-watching cooking shows.
– Before bed, a 20-minute red light therapy mask routine and Moon Juice Magnesi-om drink.

**What time does Molly Sims wake up?**

Molly rises at 6:15 a.m., with the kids following shortly after, and Grey leaving for school at 7:42 a.m.

**What’s Molly Sims’s morning routine like?**

Her mornings start with skincare and face rolling using the Golden Sculpt Face Roller for consistent results.

**What’s on Molly Sims’s breakfast menu?**

Molly enjoys a Vanilla Protein Blueberry Smoothie consisting of vanilla protein powder, collagen, flaxseed, blueberries, and vanilla almond milk. Alternatively, she opts for egg white muffins or Carbonate Bread with avocado and sriracha.

**What’s a staple in Molly Sims’s refrigerator?**

You can always find protein balls, roast chicken, turkey base, sweet potatoes, and other bowl ingredients in Molly’s fridge.

Have more questions about Molly Sims’s daily routine? Check out the FAQs below.

**FAQs about Molly Sims’s Daily Routine:**

**1. Do you work out in the morning?**
Yes, Molly incorporates 45-minute to an hour-long workouts in the morning, alternating between pilates, cardio, and weight training.

**2. What are Molly Sims’s favorite books?**
Molly enjoys reading “Signs” by Laura Lynne Jackson and “The 5 Principles of Parenting” by Aliza Pressman.

**3. What’s Molly Sims’s favorite getting-ready soundtrack?**
Her go-to getting-ready songs are “The Eras of Us” by Fletcher and “Loving On Me” by Jack Harlow.

**4. What’s always on Molly Sims’s nightstand?**
On her nightstand, you’ll find picture frames, candles, a book, Therabody, a red light mask, YSE Beauty Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream, a Vitruvi, and occasionally, remnants left by her kids!molly sims wake up call

How would you describe your personal style in a nutshell?

Elegant, sophisticated, yet approachable. 

What is your typical everyday outfit like?

I like to vary my wardrobe choices among the following brands. A stylish pair of pants, a classy blazer, and trendy flats are my go-to essentials.

molly sims wake up call
molly sims wake up call

My routine may include using an infrared sauna or cold plunge for relaxation. 

What daily practice brings more joy into your life each day?

Engaging in a prayer session.

Sentence Completions:

I always carry with me: my sunglasses.

If I had extra time during the day, I would: take some time to recline.

Healthiest morning routine: preparing a nutritious morning smoothie.

Unhealthiest morning routine: browsing through Daily Mail.

One thing I aspire to be recognized for is: my ability to connect people.

My biggest fear is: visiting the doctor.

When that fear arises, I: take a deep breath and focus on grounding myself.

The book I frequently suggest is: The Secret History by Donna Tart.

One essential quality for success in life: curiosity and a strong passion.

Bath or shower? Shower.

Favorite shower/bath product: Nécessaire Body Wash.

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  1. What words best describe the personal style of Molly Sims?
    • Molly Sims’ personal style can be described as elegant, sophisticated, and approachable.
  2. What does Molly Sims consider her daily uniform to include?
    • Molly Sims typically includes a great pair of pants, a chic blazer, and stylish flats in her daily outfit rotation.
  3. What is one daily practice Molly Sims follows to bring more joy into her life?
    • Molly Sims finds joy in engaging in a daily prayer.
  4. What is Molly Sims’ healthiest morning habit?
    • Molly Sims’ healthiest morning habit is making a nutritious morning smoothie.
  5. What is Molly Sims’ worst morning habit according to the article?
    • According to the article, Molly Sims’ worst morning habit is looking at Daily Mail.
  6. What is Molly Sims’ biggest fear?
    • Molly Sims’ biggest fear is going to the doctors.
  7. What is Molly Sims’ favorite book recommendation in the article?
    • The book “The Secret History” by Donna Tart is a frequent recommendation by Molly Sims.
  8. One trait necessary for life success, according to Molly Sims, is?
    • Molly Sims believes that curiosity and passion are essential traits for success in life.
  9. Does Molly Sims prefer baths or showers?
    • Molly Sims prefers showers, as mentioned in the article.
  10. What is Molly Sims’ favorite bath product mentioned in the article?
    • Molly Sims’ favorite shower/bath product is the Nécessaire Body Wash.

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