Rita Dush’s Pledge to Continue the Tree Farm Legacy

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She made a promise to her husband to keep their

WOOSTER, Ohio — Rita Dush finds great significance in Christmas trees.

“Stewardship of the land, beauty, and happiness for families,” shared Dush, the proprietor of Pine Tree Barn in Wooster.

At the barn, various tree types are cultivated over an extended period. “It typically takes about eight years before we can harvest them,” explained Brad Moore, the nursery manager at Pine Tree Farm.

Choosing the perfect tree also requires time. Customers pick their tree, cut it down, shake out the needles, and have it wrapped up for transportation. While the tree itself may last for a month or two, the joy it brings lasts much longer.

“It’s the Christmas spirit — bringing happiness to families. You see the joy on little kids’ faces,” said Moore.

For Dush, Pine Tree Barn holds profound significance beyond customer experiences and memories.

Two years ago, she lost her husband. Rita and Roger established Pine Tree based on the foundation of Roger’s family farm, Yuletide Tree Farm, 40 years ago. Though they never envisioned its current scale, they made a mutual commitment to each other.

“We knew we wouldn’t live forever, and we both wanted the farm to carry on. That’s why I’m still involved, and I believe if he were here, he would be too,” expressed Rita.

Every smile she witnesses on the farm brings her happiness.

“It’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful, especially with the little kids lighting up and being so cheerful,” shared Dush.

Rita sees the fruition of eight years of labor, when Roger stood by her side.

“It gives me purpose, I miss him,” she said.

The farm operates from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, featuring a gift shop and restaurant on-site. For more information about Pine Tree Barn, visit the link here.

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