The Hades 2 technical test is a trial in self-control

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**The Hades 2 technical test is a test in self-control**

Imagine a perfect barbecue with a variety of delicious smoked meats, sides, desserts, and your grandmother’s famous dinner rolls. However, most of the food is locked behind glass to be enjoyed later, leaving you feeling extremely hungry. This is similar to the experience of playing the technical test of Hades 2.

**Spoilers for the Hades 2 technical test.**

Hades 2, a roguelike game, features Melinoë, the daughter of Hades and sister of Zagreus. Unlike Zagreus, Melinoë’s goal is not to escape hell but to infiltrate it to rescue her kidnapped family members from Chronos, the Titan of Time. Navigating through the Underworld presents challenges as powerful monsters impede Melinoë’s progress, forcing her to restart from the beginning repeatedly.

Trailers may make it seem like Melinoë is just a female version of Zagreus, but the gameplay of Hades 2 offers a fresh and exciting experience that distinguishes it as a true sequel. Melinoë relies on her magical skills as a witch, using a mix of long-range magical attacks with her staff and close combat with her sickle and dagger. The game introduces omega casts that enhance her basic and cast attacks, requiring strategic management of a new resource called mana.

The game reintroduces divine beings, each with unique interactions with Melinoë based on the situation. Conversations vary depending on the chosen boons and previous interactions. The encounters with gods provide a dynamic element to each playthrough, adding to the game’s replay value.

Due to the nature of the technical test, players can only progress until they reach the first major boss, presenting a cyclical gameplay loop of fighting, dying, and repeating. Even with limited content, players must defeat the boss multiple times to fully explore the test. The technical test will run for a period between a week and a month, followed by an early access release on PC, with console availability to be announced later.

Hades 2 shows promise of surpassing its predecessor in excitement and enjoyment. However, players face a dilemma akin to having a taste of delicious barbecue but needing to decide between indulging now or waiting for the full feast. Regardless of the choice, the game promises a satisfying experience ahead.

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