The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies Are Returning to Waukesha

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Milwaukee Dancing Grannies planning return to Waukesha

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies are preparing to participate in the Waukesha Christmas Parade, one year after the tragic events of November 2021, when a man drove through the parade, resulting in the loss of four Grannies and other victims. Jean Knutson, co-leader of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, shared the emotional impact of returning to Waukesha, where the tragedy occurred, reminiscing about the last steps taken by their fallen members. The group plans to pay tribute to those they lost by carrying large photos of the deceased members during the parade, with some families joining them. Additionally, they will distribute gift bags containing ‘Granny Strong’ and ‘Waukesha Strong’ bracelets as a token of gratitude to the community for their unwavering support. Knutson emphasized the importance of community support in helping them move forward and the group’s commitment to honoring their past while creating new memories.
Details of the 2022 Waukesha Christmas Parade can be found here.

One year later and emotions are still high.

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies lost four members of their community when a man drove through the Waukesha Christmas Parade in November 2021. He killed six people total that day and injured nearly 70 others.

Walking in this parade again brings back memories from that fatal day.

“Knowing that our fallen four are not here with us but then also going back to Waukesha knowing that that’s where their last steps were,” said Jean Knutson, Milwaukee Dancing Grannies co-leader.

The group plans to honor its fallen members on Sunday.

“We are carrying poster-size pictures of the fallen four, some family members will be joining us,” Knutson said.

The Grannies are also planning to hang out gift bags with ‘Granny Strong’ and ‘Waukesha Strong’ bracelets inside. It’s their way of saying thank you to the community for their love and support.

“It’s the love and support of the communities that are empowering us to make us continue to move forward,” Knutson said.

The group is a sisterhood that’s been bonded by tragedy but taking steps toward healing.

“We’re building new memories but never forgetting what we had,” Knutson said.

Details of the 2022 Waukesha Christmas Parade: Waukesha Christmas Parade (

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