Unlocking High-Tech Pathways: Farrington’s Esports Program Bridges Students to Tech Careers

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Quincy Sablan found his passion for video games and competitive spirit seamlessly merging when he joined the esports team at Farrington High School. Beyond the camaraderie with fellow gamers, Sablan discovered a gateway to explore potential job prospects and avenues in the tech industry.

Sablan, a sophomore at Farrington High, was among the 70 competitors at the school’s recent Super Smash Classic 4 event, the fourth esports tournament hosted by the school this year. The event, held in the school’s library with 13 gaming stations for the competition, aimed to bring students together in a safe and engaging environment.

“The tournament serves as a platform to unite students,” explained Joshua Dimaya, the esports director and computer science teacher at Farrington. “It provides not just a space to play but also sheds light on the career opportunities available in the industry.”

The esports program at Farrington, established two years ago, focuses on linking gaming with professional growth and development.

“Our vision for esports has always been academically driven,” emphasized Harris Nakamoto, a community liaison at Farrington. “It’s more than just gaming; it incorporates a strong academic component.”

With the program’s expansion at Farrington, companies like Domino’s Hawaii have played a pivotal role in supporting and promoting esports initiatives.

“Through our esports endeavors, we’ve formed partnerships with various companies to bolster our support system while integrating academic elements,” Nakamoto shared. “This collaborative effort has created a dynamic and enriched school environment.”


What is the aim of Farrington’s esports program?

The aim of Farrington’s esports program is to connect gaming with professional opportunities and academic growth.

How has the community responded to Farrington’s esports program?

The community, including companies like Domino’s Hawaii, has shown great support for Farrington’s esports program.

What partnerships have Farrington established to enhance its esports program?

Farrington has partnered with companies and educational institutions such as the University of Utah, Asia Campus, to expand opportunities for students in the esports industry.

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