Usher’s Son Borrowed His Dad’s Phone to Connect with PinkPantheress

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Usher, the popular R&B artist, has been making headlines with the release of his new album named “Coming Home” and his recent performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. In a recent Instagram story, Usher shared an amusing incident involving his 15-year-old son, Naviyd, who took Usher’s phone to contact his favorite artist, PinkPantheress.

Naviyd messaged PinkPantheress on social media, asking her to follow his Instagram account. PinkPantheress was surprised by the message and replied with humor, saying, “hahahahahaa, this is wild!” Naviyd expressed his disbelief at her response and thanked her for liking his post.

Upon discovering the exchange, Usher apologized to PinkPantheress, who generously invited them to attend one of her shows. Eventually, Naviyd went to the concert, and they took a photo together. Usher shared his mixed feelings as a parent in the post, acknowledging Naviyd’s initiative while also noting the breach of trust.

Usher recognized Naviyd’s determination and effort in reaching out to an artist he admires, emphasizing the importance of pursuing one’s passions. Despite the phone incident, Usher commended his son’s initiative, underscoring the lesson learned from the experience.

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