Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Addresses Controversial Post-Home Run Celebration at Yankee Stadium

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After hitting a 362-foot home run at Yankee Stadium during the Toronto Blue Jays’ 9-8 loss on Saturday, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. faced backlash for his post-home run celebration, which involved a shushing gesture directed at the crowd.

Yankees fans expressed disapproval towards Guerrero’s actions, especially considering the Blue Jays were trailing by six runs at the time of his home run. Despite the negative reaction, Guerrero defended his gesture, stating that it is a standard part of his celebration routine after hitting a home run, as reported by The Associated Press.

“I do it regardless of the situation,” Guerrero explained.

The young star has incorporated the shushing motion into his celebration, which includes a stop-and-hop near third base, during the 2021 season. While Guerrero admits to using the shushing gesture consistently, he seems to reserve a special fondness for displaying it at Yankee Stadium, where he has hit a total of 13 career home runs—the highest number at any visiting team’s ballpark.

In a previous interview with a Dominican radio host in November 2022, Guerrero expressed his enjoyment of playing in New York and his competitiveness against the Yankees, affirming that he would not consider joining the team.

Following the mixed reactions from the Yankee Stadium crowd on Saturday, it appears that tensions between Guerrero and Yankees fans remain palpable.

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Why did Yankees fans react negatively to Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s celebration?

Yankees fans were upset with Guerrero’s post-home run celebration, particularly the shushing gesture, as it occurred while the Blue Jays were losing by a significant margin. The timing of the gesture was perceived as unsportsmanlike by some spectators.

Is the shushing motion a regular part of Guerrero’s home run celebration?

Yes, Guerrero explained that the shushing motion is a standard component of his home run celebration routine, regardless of the game’s circumstances. He clarified that it is a gesture he typically performs after hitting a home run.

How many career home runs has Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit at Yankee Stadium?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has hit a total of 13 career home runs at Yankee Stadium, which is the highest number he has hit at any visiting team’s ballpark.

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