What’s Happening in Space Policy March 31- April 6, 2024

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What’s Going on in Space Policy from March 31 to April 6, 2024

Here is a roundup of the space policy events occurring from March 31 to April 6, 2024, along with some insights. The House and Senate are currently in recess except for pro forma sessions.

Highlights of the Week

The final launch of the Delta IV Heavy by United Launch Alliance has been delayed, but there is a possibility of it happening this week. The launch was postponed last Thursday due to an issue with a liquid pump failure. The rescheduled date is pending.

Another event to watch for is the return of three crew members from the International Space Station. Soyuz MS-24’s departure, originally planned for April 2, has been pushed to April 6 due to previous launch delays.

In other news, NASA will hold a news conference at Johnson Space Center to disclose the selected company/companies for building a Lunar Terrain Vehicle for the Artemis program.

Despite budget challenges at NASA, the Artemis program continues to progress. The Lunar and Planetary Institute will conduct a workshop on Lunar Surface Science, and the Atlantic Council will host Aarti Holla-Maini to discuss the Private Sector’s expanding role in Space Collaboration.

Additionally, a memorial service honoring Lt. Gen. Tom Stafford, a Gemini and Apollo astronaut, will take place in his hometown. European time zones have also transitioned to summer time.

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, April 2
  • Tuesday-Thursday, April 2-4
  • Tuesday-Friday, April 2-5
  • Wednesday, April 3
  • Wednesday-Friday, April 3-5
  • Thursday, April 4
  • Friday, April 5
  • Friday-Saturday, April 5-6: Soyuz MS-24 Return to Earth on April 5 and April 6 as the crew undocks and lands in Kazakhstan.

For the most recent updates and additional events, please refer to the provided source link.


1. What is the status of the final Delta IV Heavy launch by United Launch Alliance?
The final Delta IV Heavy launch was delayed due to a liquid pump failure issue, and a new date is pending as of now.

2. Why was the departure of three crew members from the International Space Station delayed?
The departure of the crew members from the ISS was delayed due to previous launch issues and crew exchange schedules.

3. What will be announced at NASA’s news conference at Johnson Space Center?
The selected company/companies for building a Lunar Terrain Vehicle for the Artemis program will be disclosed at the news conference.

4. Who is Aarti Holla-Maini, and what will she discuss at the Atlantic Council event?
Aarti Holla-Maini, the Director of the U.N. Office of Outer Space Affairs, will talk about the Growing Role of the Private Sector in International Space Collaboration.

5. When is the memorial service for Lt. Gen. Tom Stafford scheduled, and how can it be viewed?
The memorial service will be held in Weatherford, OK, and will be webcast on the Stafford Air and Space Museum’s Facebook page.

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