Why do goalkeepers put Vaseline on their gloves?

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Why do goalkeepers use Vaseline on their gloves?

Andre Onana had his hands full during the first half of Manchester United’s Premier League match against Liverpool. The United goalkeeper faced numerous shots from the visitors, with Liverpool testing him 15 times in the first half at Old Trafford.

Television replays captured Onana applying what seemed to be Vaseline on his gloves during a break in play. Although there were doubts among spectators, those close to Onana clarified that it was actually a substance intended to enhance grip, not Vaseline specifically.

The practice of using Vaseline on gloves is not uncommon among goalkeepers. Coventry City’s Ben Wilson discussed this peculiar goalkeeper trick in a conversation with former England goalkeeper Ben Foster on Foster’s YouTube podcast. Wilson mentioned that many goalkeepers nowadays use Vaseline to improve their grip, but he personally refrains from doing so.

In an interview with goalkeeper coach Conor O’Keefe in 2022, Joe Hart revealed that he was introduced to the technique by Kasper Schmeichel of Leicester. Despite initial skepticism, Hart found that using Vaseline on his gloves significantly improved his grip and has since continued to do so.

The use of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly on gloves is not prohibited by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the governing body of football rules and regulations.


Is it legal for goalkeepers to use Vaseline on their gloves?

Yes, there are no regulations prohibiting the use of Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly on gloves as per IFAB rules.

Who popularized the use of Vaseline on goalkeeper gloves?

Kasper Schmeichel of Leicester is credited with introducing Joe Hart to the practice of using Vaseline on gloves, leading to its adoption by other goalkeepers seeking improved grip.

How does using Vaseline enhance goalkeeper performance?

Applying Vaseline on gloves can help goalkeepers achieve better grip on the ball, especially in wet conditions, resulting in more secure catches and saves.

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