Volunteer Soldier’s Experience on the Front Line: A Story of Fear and Loneliness

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‘Scary cold hungry and lonely Volunteer soldier shares experience on

‘Scary, cold, hungry and lonely’: Volunteer soldier shares experience on front line

Akula, a young volunteer soldier who enlisted at the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, opens up about the harrowing realities of war. In a conversation with CNN’s David McKenzie, he sheds light on his time in the trenches and the profound impact it has had on his psychological well-being.

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1. Who is Akula?

Akula is a young volunteer soldier who joined the conflict at the onset of the tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

2. What did Akula share in his conversation with David McKenzie?

Akula shared his firsthand experiences from the front lines and discussed the emotional toll that war has taken on him.

3. When did Akula enlist?

Akula enlisted at the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

4. What is the main theme of Akula’s story?

The main themes of Akula’s story include fear, loneliness, and the harsh realities of war.

5. What impact did the war have on Akula’s mental health?

The war had a profound impact on Akula’s mental health, as he struggled with the traumas of combat and the challenges of being on the front lines.

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